Spicy grapefruit paloma

Palomas are a great option during the fall and winter holiday seasons because they are made with ripe citrus fruits that are ripe and available at this time of year.

INGREDIENTS (for 4 cocktails)

250 mL tequila
250 mL Balkan with grapefruit
60 mL lime juice
350 mL carbonated water
extra slices of lime and grapefruit for decoration

Sugar syrup with chili 50 g sugar
180 mL water
1 pinch of chili

For the rim of the glass
50 g sugar
2 tablespoons salt

How to make a spicy grapefruit paloma

Paloma is usually made with carbonated drinks with grapefruit essences, but there is a healthier option.

Instead of using a carbonated drink bought from the store, BALKANSKA with grapefruit and fresh lime juice with sugar syrup soaked in chili is used.
To combine all the flavors, put on the edge of the cup a combination of coarse kosher salt and sugar. The fine sweetness of grapefruit juice, the tartness of lime juice and the spicy-sweet sugar syrup create the best well-balanced cocktail.

Frequently asked questions

How spicy are these palomas?

The sugar syrup is made hot with hot pepper or hot red pepper / chili. Feel free to adjust the amount or skip it altogether.

What is the alternative to chili to add a little spice?

Ginger is a great option if you don't have chili on hand.

What if I don't have tequila?

Tequila can easily be replaced with gin or vodka