no sugar

BALKAN is a healthy herbal soft drink without added sugar and without GMO


Tastes and health for the whole family directly from nature


A more affordable alternative to its sister brand - BESST herbal drinks!


Balkan drinks contain an extract of the powerful antioxidant pectin

This drink contains extracts of



Stevia has a general tonic effect, restores strength after nervous and physical exhaustion and reduces the aging process. It is an indispensable tool for patients with cardiovascular disease and diabetes. stevioside stimulates insulin secretion. Numerous studies have shown that regular use of stevia reduces the content of sugar, radionuclides and cholesterol in the body, improves cell regeneration and blood coagulation, strengthens blood vessels and normalizes blood pressure. Stevioside has a positive effect on the activity of the liver and pancreas, prevents the formation of ulcers in the gastrointestinal tract and protects it when taking antiseptic drugs.

Goji Berry

Годжи бери

It contains B vitamins and antioxidants that prevent the harmful effects of free radicals, which damage the cells in our body and cause aging. Their generous content of polysaccharides helps the functioning of the immune system. Goji berry contains 18 types of amino acids and potassium.

Rose hip


In traditional Bulgarian medicine, rose hips are used as a high-vitamin source, which increases the body's defenses. Used in bronchial and gastrointestinal diseases due to the content of tannins and pectins. The combination of vitamin C and other ingredients in rose hips stimulates the formation of red blood cells, strengthens the body's resistance and increases efficiency. It is extremely useful for strengthening the heart and circulatory system. Rosehip has a particularly beneficial effect on liver function, and also lowers blood sugar levels, which makes it suitable for diabetics. Recommended for mental and physical fatigue, anemia, beriberi, colds and more.


Бабини зъби

The legendary herb bindii in the minds of many people is synonymous with Viagra. And there is a reason, it has been proven that its main property is the stimulation of the reproductive system. The bioactive component of this medicinal plant promotes the production of luteinizing hormone. This affects the hormonal balance in the human body. In men, testosterone levels increase, which leads to increased potency, prolonged erections, improved quality of intercourse. If the herbal product from grandmother's teeth is used by a woman, estrogen levels rise and the consequence is increased libido.