Who we are



Health for everyone

As producers, we are a social enterprise for which health is not only an important personal but also a public resource. For this reason, we have adopted as our mission the production of a new generation of healthy drinks at an affordable price.


Innovative technology

Our company is a long-term partner of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) and the University of Food Technology. It is supported by public funds in fulfilling its mission through the National Innovation Fund. The public support enables us to offer the new generation of herbal drinks at a reasonable price, accessible to the widest possible range of consumers.


Economic growth

Our company is positioned in northwestern Bulgaria - Krivodol. As investors in the poorest region of the European Union, we are happy to be able to create new jobs and work on innovative technologies. Thank you for the support of the local community.


Green products

As a participant in the circular economy, we have reached a point where our products are completely green and do not pollute the environment.


The history of Balkanska
The beginning

In 2007, in a small town near Sofia, our technologist Alexi researched the market for soft drinks for such a drink, which is healthy and natural, without any preservatives. After starting his research, he found that there are many ingredients that support a person's health and stimulate the immune system. One category of them is herbs.

The standard use of herbs is in the form of tea or as a spice in dishes. Alexi discovered that there is no drink that offers herbs in a product ready for direct consumption. Moreover, there is no one that fully retains their biologically active properties when extracted during extraction.

Then came the question of how to extract these substances without reducing their properties and impact.

Eleanor intervened. As an entrepreneur, Eleonora loves to develop innovative ideas and has extensive experience behind the industrial production of one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in the early 21st century, namely Doctors vodka, as well as the Stara Planina mineral water "Divna".

The history of Balkanska
Start of the company

Alexi and Eleonora, together with their team, decided to set out to find the most optimal way to supply the market with a healthy and natural product that contains a liquid herbal extract without losing its properties. After many experiments and studies on the subject, together with a specialized institute of BAS, they created the innovative method of cold extraction.

The history of Balkanska
Trade show in London

While attending a trade show in London, Alexi and Eleanor decided to observe people's reactions to the innovative product, and the response was phenomenal - people from all over the world showed great interest in their product.

The history of Balkanska
Birth of the company

Until now, the production of herbal extracts by this method is not used by other companies, namely it allows herbs to retain 99% of their properties in the resulting biologically active extract. The other important question was how to keep this extract fresh and biologically active for a long time.

Thus, an old Alexi patent was transformed and the idea gained new life - an innovative cap in which the extract is kept fresh and added to the drink when the bottle is opened, just before consumption. This cap was protected by a new patent.

After many years of production experience, Eleanor and Alexi realized they had something special.